RO/RO선 :: 선박의 종류 -19 (Roll on/Roll off Vessel)

RO/RO선 :: 선박의 종류 -19 (Roll on/Roll off Vessel)

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Ro-Ro 시스템은 화물을 적재한 트레일러가 선측과 벽안 사이에 놓인 Ramp를 건너 舷門을 통해 선내에 들어가 그대로 지정장소에 장치하는 운송하는 수평하역방식(Horizontal Type)이다.  


Car Ferry가 발달한 형태라고 할 수 있는 바, 본선의 정면 및 후면에서 Tractor나 Forklift 등에 의해 컨테이너의 적하 및 양하가 이루어지며 선박에 따라서는 선내에 경사로(Ramp)를 마련, 2층 이상의 갑판에 Ro-Ro방식 하역을 적용할 수 있게끔 한 것도 있다.

A Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) vessel is designed to transport motor vehicles or any other rolling stock

Distinguishing Features: Ro-Ro vessels have a hinged ramp, typically offset at the stern, that allows motor vehicles (automobiles, trucks, trailers, farm tractors, etc.) to drive on and off the vessel.

A Ro-Ro differs from a ferry in that a ferry is designed to carry vehicles and their individual drivers short to medium distances, whereas a Ro-Ro is designed to carry vehicles for wholesale transport without drivers for long distances. For example, a Ro-Ro would be used by an automobile manufacturer such as Honda or Volkswagen to transport hundreds of vehicles at a time across oceans to sell in another country.

Ro-Ro vessels may have as many as eight interior decks, all of which are accessible by interior rampways.

Ro-Ro vessels may also have deck cranes and/or the ability to carry standard ocean containers on deck.

Size or Length: Ro-Ro vessels are typically very large. The largest Ro-Ro vessel is 789.34ft (240.6m) in length, with a tonnage of 67,140 gross tons and 34,376 dwt.

Types of Cargo: Motor vehicles, trucks, buses, tractors, bulldozers, yachts, heavy plant equipment, rail cars, and general cargo. Oversize cargo can be loaded on flatbed or lowboy trailers or placed on deck.

How Cargo is Loaded: Motor vehicles and rolling stock is driven on or rolled onto the vessel via a hinged ramp at the stern.

Roll on삭제 Roll off삭제 Vessel삭제RORO선삭제 선박의 종류삭제 Ramp삭제램프삭제 트레일러삭제 수평하역삭제하역삭제 Car Ferry삭제

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