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2014.09.17 06:13

신용장 특수 조건(Special Conditions, Special Instructions)

신용장 특수 조건(Special Conditions, Special Instructions)은 다음과 같은 것들이 있다.

  신용장 특수 조건 (Special Conditions, Special Instructions)

- All banking charge outside America are for account of beneficiary.

- Documents to(=must) be presented within 10 days after the date of shipment but within the validity of the credit.

- This credit is transferable in Korea only.

- Negotiation under this credit is restricted to the advising bank only

- Acceptance commission and discount charges are for beneficiary's account.

- All documents must be counter-signed by ABC Company.

- Documents presented later than 21 days after the date of shipment acceptable(Stable B/L이라는 표현이 많이 쓰임)

- One set of non-negotiable documents must be sent(forward) to accountee by DHL(또는 registered air mail).

- The transport document indicating as the consignor of the goods a party other than the beneficiary of the credit acceptable(Third party B/L이라는 표현이 많이 쓰임).

- Shipment to be effected by ABC Shipping Co. only.

- Beneficiary's draft drawn under this credit are negotiable on at sight basis irrespective of tenor of the draft(Banker's Usance Negotiation L/C의 경우)

- Shipment samples must be sent(forward) to applicant by air and the relative receipt must be accompanied with the original documents.

- Copy of telex or FAX certified by beneficiary to the applicant before shipment date advising the name of carrying vessel, sailing date, No. of packages, quantity to be shipped, draft amount and L/C No. must be attached to the drafts.

- A tolerance(variation) of 5% more or less in amount and quantity is acceptable.

신용장 특수 조건삭제 신용장삭제Special Conditions삭제Special Instructions삭제 L/C 특수조건삭제L/C Special Conditions삭제

L/C Special Instructions삭제All banking charge outside America삭제are for account of beneficiary.삭제after the date of shipment삭제

within the validity of the credit.삭제This credit is transferable삭제Negotiation under this credit삭제is restricted to삭제 advising bank삭제

Third party B/L삭제Banker's Usance Negotiation L/C삭제Stable B/L삭제 draft amount삭제 L/C No삭제tolerance삭제 Copy of telex삭제

certified by beneficiary삭제Shipment samples삭제 Beneficiary's draft삭제

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